Ronald McDonald House Ride

Proud to be the world’s largest Ronald McDonald House Charity Motorcycle Ride. The RMH Ride is held annually in New York Mills, MN on the second Saturday of June. This year we celebrate 20 years of dedicated volunteer work that provides for families of the Ronald McDonald House of the Red River Valley in Fargo, ND.

Thank You 2020 Fun Run Sponsors!

In spite of an incredibly challenging year, more than 120 local businesses stepped up to sponsor the Fun Run last year.

We encourage you to join us in returning the favor by supporting these businesses in 2021.

Click “Download Location” below to see a full list of the amazing businesses that sponsored us last year!


2020 marked our very first ever Fun Run. It was such a success we’re bringing it back again this year! More details coming soon!

We’ve Been Riding For Over 18 Years

The RMH Ride was started in 2002 by just 15 committee members and 15 volunteers. The first year was a success by raising $3,300! 2019 gracefully gave us over 30 committee members and over 100 volunteers and we were able to raise $115,603.48.
2020 Bike Winner

2020’s Raffle Winner

Lee Bertram




Collecting pop tabs is a great way to teach kids about philanthropy and the importance of recycling, and raise funds to help children and their families at the same time. Collecting pop tabs is an easy way for people of all ages to support Ronald McDonald House and know they are making a difference for families and children.

With all our efforts combined we collect over a 1,000 GALLONS of pop tabs annually at the Ronald McDonald House Ride in NYM, MN!

1 inch = 1 pop tab
1 foot = 12 pop tabs
1 meter = 400 pop tabs
1 lb. = 1,267 pop tabs
1 km = 40,000 pop tabs
1 mile = 63,360 pop tabs
1 gallon = 5,000 pop tabs
200 gallons = 1,000,000 pop tabs
1,280 pop tabs = 1 pound
12,800 pop tabs = 10 pounds
128,000 pop tabs = 100 pounds
1,280,000 pop tabs = 1,000 pounds


These events take place every year in New York Mills, MN to gear up for the Ronald McDonald House Ride. We thrive on stirring up community driven events for all ages, so don’t miss them!
RMHRIde Burnout in New York Mills

Friendly Competition

Ronald McDonald House Ride rocks with Hairball Friday night at the Charles D. Center V.F.W. Post #3289 in New York Mills

Live Music

RMHRide Bike Rodeo 1

Kids Bike Rodeo

Ronald McDonald House Ride rocks with Hairball Friday night at the Charles D. Center V.F.W. Post #3289 in New York Mills

Live + Silent Auction


As a whole, The RMH Ride has raised over $1.7 million over the past 18 years for the Red River Valley Ronald McDonald House Charity!