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We’re proud to be the world’s largest single-day motorcycle ride supporting the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The RMH Ride is held annually in New York Mills, MN on the second Saturday of June.

In total, the RMH Ride has raised close to $2 million over the past 20+ years for the Red River Valley Ronald McDonald House Charity.

How it started…

The RMH Ride started in 2002 when a family friend was experiencing hardship while their child was sick, and stayed at the Ronald McDonald House of the Red River Valley. We started with just 15 members and raised $3,300 our first year.

How it’s going…

The Ride has continued annually since 2002 and has expanded to include other annual events like our Kick Off Party and Fun Run.  We are grateful to the overwhelming generosity of New York Mills and surrounding communities, event goers, volunteers, and event staff who have made this event possible year after year. 

Motorcycles: 450+

Gallons of Pop Tabs: 1200

Bike Winner: David George Jr.

Motorcycles: 496

Bike Winner: Leah Terry from Argusville, ND

Motorcycles: 447

Gallons of Pop Tabs: 487

Dollars Raised: $135,000.00

Bike Winner: David Talberg

Gallons of Pop Tabs: 611

Dollars Raised: $50,000.00

Bike Winner: Lee Betram

Motorcycles: 725
Gallons of Pop Tabs: 590
Dollars Raised: $115,603.48

Bike Winner: Kyle Katchmark, Detroit Lakes, MN

Motorcycles: 500
Gallons of Pop Tabs: 603
Dollars Raised: $134,973.45

Bike Winner: Mark Wynn of Wadena, MN

Motorcycles: 714
Gallons of Pop Tabs: 576
Dollars Raised: $123,797.50

Bike Winner: Mac Luna of Spencer, IA

Motorcycles: 1,025
Gallons of Pop Tabs: 1,300
Dollars Raised: $161,242,48

Bike Winner: Robin Salo of NYM, MN

Motorcycles: 953
Gallons of Pop Tabs: 1,200
Dollars Raised: $115,518.90

Bike Winner: Toni Nadeau of Foley, MN

Motorcycles: 327
Gallons of Pop Tabs: 1,500
Dollars Raised: $132,469.18

Bike Winner: Michelle Olson of Wadena, MN

Motorcycles: 800
Gallons of Pop Tabs: 1,650
Dollars Raised: $133,725.01

Bike Winner: Jason Loughheed of Horace, ND

Motorcycles: 1,507

Gallons of Pop Tabs: 1,620

Dollars Raised: $134,690.94


Motorcycles: 1,320

Gallons of Pop Tabs: 1,250

Dollars Raised: $131,600

Motorcycles: 1,320

Gallons of Pop Tabs: 1,250

Dollars Raised: $124,738

Motorcycles: 1,250+

Gallons of Pop Tabs: 1,100

Dollars Raised: $108,438

Motorcycles: 1,000+

Gallons of Pop Tabs: 1,060

Dollars Raised: $102,624

Motorcycles: 1,020

Gallons of Pop Tabs: 1,010

Dollars Raised: $87,332

Motorcycles: 870

Gallons of Pop Tabs: 990

Dollars Raised: $82,550

Motorcycles: 750

Gallons of Pop Tabs: 480

Dollars Raised: $63,086

Motorcycles: 450

Gallons of Pop Tabs: 330

Dollars Raised: $26,000

Motorcycles: 250

Gallons of Pop Tabs: 120

Dollars Raised: $13,000

Motorcycles: 150

Gallons of Pop Tabs: 55

Dollars Raised: $3,300

Collecting pop tabs is a great way to teach kids about philanthropy and the importance of recycling while raising funds at the same time. Collecting pop tabs is an easy way for people of all ages to support the Ronald McDonald House and know they are making a difference for families and children.

With all our efforts combined, we collect thousands of gallons of pop tabs annually at the RMH Ride!


1 lb = 1,267 tabs

1 gallon = 5,000 tabs


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